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P Reaney

The Nike Plus run was fun, but more than a couple aspects of it were disappointing.

At the packet pick-up I forgot to ask for a course map, and none was offered or included with the packet.

The finish was advertised as being "on the field" but the finish was actually at the entrance of the park, and once in the park we were only allowed on the warning track. Still nice, but a bit misleading.

Course went right by the park with volunteers shouting "you're almost done", but then the course took a detour around another block, adding another 500-600 meters. For a race designed to advertise the new nike/iPod gadget that lets you know how far you have to go, the distance to the finish could have been marked a little better.

People were allowed to go into the gear check to search for their own gear. Big potential for theft in my opinion (though I know of none that happened).

Can't find any online results. What's the point of an official time if you can't get it?

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